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MyEasyFilter is NOT a replacement for your anti virus program. Nor does it guarantee that it will block 100% of all viruses. This product is intended as an additional protective device in the effort to reduce the amount of infected computers.

MyEasyFilter does NOT guarantee that all SPAM will be marked with {SPAM?} in the subject line, and it is possible that it could mark legitimate messages as Spam. We do not suggest that you delete everything with the {SPAM?} in the subject line but to simply move those messages to a different folder. It is intended as a way to decrease the amount of junk mail that you get in your main inbox.

Have a question about a virus? Symantec Anti Virus Research Center is a good place to search the virus and get information and fixes.

Symantec Anti Virus Research Center

How can I tell why a message was marked as Spam?

Spam rules search page.


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