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How does MyEasyFilter determine whether a message is Spam?

MyEasyFilter uses a mathematical formula based on common traits of most Spam sent out today. Each trait has a number, at the completion of scanning the message it adds all the numbers up and it if reaches a particular number it then considered Spam.

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Should I continue to use a virus program on my computer?

Absolutely. Even though 90% of today's viruses are contracted by email, this is no guarantee that you won't get a virus from another source. We Suggest that you continue to run a virus protection program on your computer locally.

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Does MyEasyFilter delete the Spam coming in to my account?

No. It adds "{SPAM?}" at the beginning of the subject line. This gives you the ability to filter the message the way you would like at the local level with your email program. This way you can choose to have the message sent to a different folder or have the message deleted altogether.

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How do I filter the messages with my email program?

Please see the support page for more details. We have step by step instructions for most popular email programs.

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Does MyEasyFilter filter content from my email messages?

No. The filtering process looks for viruses and common characteristics among Spam. It will NOT filter adult material or filter based on the content or keywords of the email.

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Where do I look in the email message to see whether the message has been scanned for viruses or not?

Please see our support page, we have step by step instructions on where to look at the properties inside the email message to see whether it was scanned and the reasons found for determining whether it was Spam or not. We also have a search section so that you can look up codes for more information.

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