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Filter Mail for Viruses and SPAM!

My Easy Filter gives you the ability to control your mail! Have the peace of mind that the mail you receive has already been filtered once for both SPAM and known viruses, before it makes it to your inbox. Today over 90% of all viruses arrive via e-mail.

When you use My Easy Filter, the mail is first sent to a special server that looks at each packet for known viruses and also does a calculation on many variables to ascertain whether the message going through would be considered Spam.

If the message is not found to either be Spam or contain a virus, the message is then sent the recipient's mail folder.

If the message is found to contain a virus, attachments containing viruses that can be disinfected are automatically disinfected and sent on to their original destination.  If the filter is unable to remove the virus, the infected attachments are replaced with a new attachment that is a message to the recipient explaining what has happened to their original attachment.  Also an e-mail is sent to the sender letting them know that they are probably infected and by which virus.  Thus making it easier to disinfect their computer and help eliminate the spread of this virus.

Every incoming message is checked to see if it was sent by either an open mail relay, a known Spam source, or was sent directly from a known dial-up line without passing through a proper mail server.  If, as a result of these checks, a message looks suspicious, the string {SPAM?} is added to the front of the original subject of the message.  This approach of marking but still delivering suspicious messages allows the end-user to take full control over their e-mail. Many e-mail packages, such as Microsoft Outlook, Netscape or Eudora can be configured to check incoming mail against rules and save or even delete messages appropriately. Some users who are very anti-Spam may choose to automatically delete any marked messages. However, most users configure their e-mail package to automatically save marked messages in an "Auto-Spam" folder.